Soledad Group

The digitization of the traditional tire sector

Grupo Soledad E-commerce B2B


A powerful, easy and multi-device professional sales intranet

In 2013 Grupo Soledad came to NITSNETS with the challenge of renovating its B2B platform from where they manage the sale to mechanical workshops and other tire stores.

A strong commitment to digitalization for a company that started as a family business and has become one of the highest ranking companies in terms of turnover in the province of Alicante, with 1,200 employees.

The main objectives of the project for Grupo Soledad were:

  • To have a platform accessible from mobile, tablet and any device or screen size with responsive design.
  • Facilitate purchases and customer management, simplifying processes.
  • Provide the platform with an appearance according to the innovative concept of the company.
  • Optimize user time by improving platform performance.
  • Accurately adjust the estimated delivery time according to product stock.
Soledad Group E-commerce B2B Interface


A multi-device and multi-platform B2B

The result of the project was the creation of their B2B E-commerce platform, a web application with a responsive design, adapted to any screen or device

Radical change in design and usability

A completely renewed visual that simplifies the creation of orders as well as the access to all the procedures that the platform allows.

Clear and detailed product sheets

The products are shown in full screen with a detailed individual page in which all their specifications are displayed in a simple yet complete way, given their importance for buyers: mechanical workshops and retail dealers.

B2B Grupo Soledad in devices

Easy customization using blocks

A block system was created so that the publication of banners with promotions can be done intuitively, by Grupo Soledad. It also allows for the inclusion of different content for each type of user, which permits the creation of customized home pages.

Workshop - Grupo Soledad E-commerce B2B
Interface desktop version - Grupo Soledad E-commerce B2B

Search engine genius

A detailed study of the needs of the automotive world allowed us to create a simple and efficient search engine based on a complex system of filters. Undoubtedly, one of the key functionalities of the project.

B2B search engine Grupo Soledad

"The new B2B offers workshops a revolutionary purchasing service, technical information and stock availability that is unique in the market."

Carlos Leyva. CEO Soluciona IT Grupo Soledad

Javascript technology ahead of its time

In the year of its creation, 2013, AngularJS was not a widely used framework, as the usual one was JQuery Mobile. For this B2B we opted for Angular 0.7, an innovation with which we were ahead of the industry and which has been updated in the subsequent renovations of the platform.

The choice for AngularJS replacing the old desktop version developed in Flex was a success, as going forward that technology has ended up disappearing.

AngularJS technology for B2B Solitude Group on devices

B2B functionalities adapted to the tire world

Accessible catalog

Filtering system for faster searches.

Ordering simplicity

Easy check out process adapted to the type of product.

Availability and service level

Information on stockage, shipping dates and types.

Request for quotation

Versatility in requesting customized quotations.

Invoices and delivery notes

Integrated management of invoicing and delivery documentation.


Claims process, queries and support in case of discrepancies.


An agile and innovative B2B

The change of its B2B E-commerce meant for Grupo Soledad a big step towards digital transformation in the relationship with its professional network, which totals 17 logistics warehouses, 75 own points of sale and 1,700 franchisees. Years later, the tool continues to evolve with the help of NITSNETS.


workshops using the platform


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