Menbur Showroom

Bring the shoe showroom closer to your customers

Menbur Showroom E-commerce B2C


Live the in-person shopping experience from home

The impossibility of traveling to trade shows and going to physical stores during the initial period of the pandemic, made the footwear brand Menbur consider how to bring the in-person shopping experience to customers. It already had its online store as such but intended to go a step further and offer an immersive solution in which the buyer would have a real feeling of visiting the showroom or space for exhibition and sale of products.


An online store from an interactive 3D environment

The solution, from the hand of NITSNETS, was to create an interactive virtual showroom where orders can be placed. In addition to showing all the products in three dimensions, walking through aisles and shelves as if you were in the real store, the customer is able to choose the product, see more information, select size and color and finalize the purchase on the same platform.

Order directly from ERP

The platform is directly connected to the company's internal ERP system, so that the customer carries out the order on the updated stock and prices by activating the usual online store logistics.

Product detail - Menbur Showroom E-commerce B2C
Product detail - Menbur Showroom E-commerce B2C

Ready for B2B or B2C

The system is designed both for the end consumer and to emulate a sales showroom for professionals. Thanks to the configuration from the CMS, languages, rates or conditions can be adapted according to each type of customer and market.

Virtual search engine

Navigation in the 3D environment can be customized by searching or applying filters. From a given query or category selection, the customer can specifically view the products that meet the selected criteria.

Virtual tour

The virtual tour is an added functionality that creates a movie-like tour of a series of products. From a search or category selection, the viewer automatically moves from one product to another as if it were a guided tour. The customer can, at any time, stop on a product to see more features and/or make a purchase, as well as share their personalized virtual tour via an URL.

Virtual Tour - Menbur Showroom E-commerce B2C

An experience also adapted to mobile

The virtual tour of the store in three dimensions can be done both on a computer and on any type of mobile or tablet device, making the shopping experience possible from anywhere and at any time.

An experience also adapted to mobile - Menbur Showroom E-commerce B2C

An agile, simple and interconnected content management system

The system is managed from a CMS that is also connected to the ERP. It allows you to configure which products are shown, the relationship between the products, so that they appear related, and all the information that appears in the product sheet such as images, videos, available sizes or description.

Mashup over Matterport

The showroom was developed thanks to the integration with Matterport, a technology that creates 3D spaces. From the connection with its API, the customized e-commerce layer was created, turning a virtual space into a fully functional online store.

Matterport uses a series of special cameras to create the environment and the selection & registration of a series of points within the created space. From these points (called tags), NITSNETS developed the whole e-commerce part, creating for each point (product) a product card from which to place the order. It also devised the way to perform searches, apply filters, select favorites and make virtual tours.