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Project your new concept, innovation and brand magnitude

Actiu is a leading manufacturer of office furniture, recognized worldwide for its products and the experience they create in workplaces and collective centers.

A large international company that has grown in concept, innovation, presence and production and needed to reflect those advances in its new digital window to the world.

They had been working with NITSNETS since 2011 and again they commissioned us to create together an online experience that reflected the merits and values of this great Spanish company.

RWD - Responsive Web Design care for all devices - Actiu


A visual challenge, images that speak for themselves

Created using fresh technology, clear, more dynamic than ever and adaptable to any type of device, Actiu's new corporate site is a space where design and visual cleanliness are paramount. Images take center stage to express, with few words, the importance of their products and projects.

With a "responsive" design graphically adaptable to any device, we have designed the website to ensure a simple and intuitive navigation, reaching any of its contents in just three clicks and designed especially for mobiles and tablets.

Foto producto - Actiu - Web Corporativa Office product environment - Actiu - Corporate Web
Captura demostración web - Actiu - Web Corporativa Product environment coworking space - Actiu - Corporate Web
Ambiente producto oficina - Actiu - Web Corporativa

"Our essence is to be always on the move and with this privileged treatment to the visual we try to show all our dynamism through a website tailored to our needs.

After more than 10 years of working together, NITSNETS is now one of our essential partners.

Víctor Fuentes. Brand Manager of Actiu

A functional and intuitive CMS

The development of the customized content manager allows the administration of all the information in an easy and functional way, and also includes a 3D product configurator to show each piece of furniture in the most realistic way.

The modular design of the pages makes it easy to create and update their content. Each page is composed of a succession of modules that can be exchanged, added to or modified.

Actiu custom CMS demo


Flawless visuals and increased contacts

Actiu ranks as one of the best furniture websites in Europe according to the report on the 100 most important furniture brands. Also, its numbers of visits and contacts have increased by 30% in just a couple of years.


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