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After years of being one of the leading companies in technological matters within the appraisal companies sector, Euroval is embarking on a process of complete remodeling of all its business software. A major project that includes the creation of new programs oriented both to the valuation and appraisal of goods and to manage the processes of the different departments of the company. The ACEURO project is born.

Starting from an ambitious work of UX/UI and process consulting, a collaboration began that continues today, working at various levels and together with the Euroval team and its suppliers.

ACEURO's main objectives for Euroval are:

  • To make the jump to the cloud. The new software is 100% web-based and hosted on Azure.
  • Work with the latest technologies, both at backend level with .NET Core and Angular in front end
  • Provide assessors with a new web assessment software, powerful and with a smoother learning curve than the rest of the programs in the sector.
  • Automate a high percentage of the processes carried out manually by Euroval employees
  • Improve the security and stability of tools and applications.
  • Prepared to be able to integrate third-party software and tools with ease, especially in everything AI-oriented.
Desktop interface - Euroval


Ambitious software and a powerful development team embedded in the client

With the close collaboration of the EUROVAL IT team, the creation of a team with members from both NITSNETS and Euroval was completed, with more suppliers joining later on.

The initial task in the project was to carry out an extensive business consultancy, working with the different departments of the company and its essential suppliers. In addition, everything related to usability and design was treated with special care, by using disruptive solutions unlike the rest of the companies in the sector.

After the consultancy, three teams were formed, oriented to the fundamental parts of the software to be developed: management, valuation and communication with the clients (mainly banking entities).

Progressively, the developments that have been replacing Euroval's current tools and programs are being carried out. This process is still in progress, until the complete replacement of the company's legacy software.

Appraisal software - Euroval

Connecting to the future

Development today, designed for the future. The entire ACEURO project has been developed using APIs and the most modern languages in the industry: .NET Core and Angular with the strength of an Azure-based infrastructure.

IA: present and future of valuation. In the project it is already a reality to work and connect with Machine Learning tools and other innovative solutions.

Cloud processing. A tool of today with future projection. The high-performance processing power provided by cloud infrastructures removes the limitations of the past. More and better calculations are possible.

Property - Euroval Desktop Software - Euroval
Appraiser - Euroval Appraisal report - Euroval

Improving appraisal times

The software is designed to divide the work into different roles and profiles that, working in parallel, reduce appraisal times. Visiting, photographing, taking data or completing a report does not have to be the task of a single profile or appraiser.

Years of valuations and work at Euroval allow for automating a large part of the information required in appraisals by using the data to streamline these processes.

Easier: faster. By improving the UX usability and learning curve of the appraisal software, we make it easier for professionals to focus on their strengths while saving a lot of time and energy.

Real-time information, immediate solutions. Thanks to the fully integrated web and cloud-based software concept, any problem or incident during the appraisal process is immediately known to all the people involved in the process.

All these improvements and solutions are progressively improving the management, processing and delivery times of appraisals to customers.

Appraisal timeline - Euroval