Reinventing sport retail

Sprinter Omnichannel E-commerce


Moving towards the Omnichannel challenge

ISRG Group is a leader in multi-brand sports retail in Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands. Thanks to Sprinter, JD Sports, Sport Zone, Size?, Perrysport, Aktiesport, Bodytone and Deporvillage they work with more than 500 stores and the main sports equipment E-commerce.

Sprinter already had an online store, it was not enough. Its horizon was clear: to be the E-commerce reference in the world of sports. How to achieve it? By creating a complete project based on omnichannel unifying its brand in the physical and digital world and offering a unique, consistent and personalized shopping experience.


An E-commerce to break the mold

The result of this assignment is an E-commerce custom PWA that overcomes all the challenges posed in terms of mobile usability, efficiency and speed. An omnichannel platform with stock updated in real time, adapted to each market and a unified control of the purchasing processes and information analysis.

Ultrafast speed with SSR

The jump from one page to another happens in milliseconds thanks to Server Side Rendering that minimizes loading time. Better experience and better SEO because, on the one hand, navigation is smoother and, on the other hand, indexing in Google is facilitated.

We were pioneers in applying SSR to a large-scale website, overcoming the positioning limitations generated by the SPA in 2018

Promotional posters - Sprinter Omnichannel E-commerce
Store interior - Sprinter Omnichannel E-commerce
Sprinter E-commerce Captures - Sprinter Omnichannel E-commerce

Web or App? PWA

Thanks to the Progressive Web Application the web is also a downloadable application. With this, Sprinter achieves increased loyalty and recurrence of purchase. All this without requiring additional maintenance, since the code is the same.

PWA Installation - Sprinter Omnichannel E-commerce
PWA Icon - Sprinter Omnichannel E-commerce

Benchmark in NUXT + VUE

Never before has NUXT.JS technology been pushed so far to the limit in such a large project, an Open Source framework based on Vue.js, for large projects. We did it. Thanks to that, the web is a reference for developers.

Innovative web architecture

How do you create a web architecture that enables efficient server management? Our solution: a layered system that includes middleware and denormalization with Elastic. A successful Front and Backend integrated work that allows you to optimize to the maximum the loading of data and views.

"The joint work between Frontend and Backend was key to achieve a web architecture that supported the complexity of the project and optimized the loading processes"

Alberto Pastor. NITSNETS Architect

Revamped, user-friendly and functional website

Adapted by country and area

As a multi-market website, it allows the personalization of rates, promotions, highlights or logistics for each geographical area where the brand is present.

AI for one-to-one marketing

Through Target2sell artificial intelligence adapts web content according to user navigation and preferences, generating a unique experience for each customer.

Transport - Stock Logic - Click&Collect

Includes the different delivery options available such as in-store pickup or express shipping.

MarketPlace Transformation

With the integration of the Mirakl tool we become Marketplace. It becomes possible for external suppliers to sell through the shop which makes the website the sports shopping mall of reference.

Integration with Dimoni ERP

It integrates with this powerful ERP for financial and logistics management. An achievement that has been accomplished, overcoming great technical complexities, thanks to the work of three teams:

Integration with external channels

Integrates with popular infrastructures such as Amazon and Ebay.

Improvements in SEO, CRO and Customer Service

Includes chatbot service, semantic markup and indexing, and a carefully designed conversion-oriented UX.

Optimized payment system

Get the sale in 3 steps, which increases the conversion rate. Different payment technologies are integrated thanks to being an Official Adyen Partner in Spain.

Navigation buy product - Sprinter Omnichannel E-commerce


Increased sales and quality of visits

Sprinter has achieved record figures with its website achieving over 2,300% increase in sales in 4 years with this technology. This impressive increase in sales and in the quality of visits has meant reaching the top 5 in E-commerce sports in Spain.


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